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🗻 8/6/22 -- Spread the word! Please tell as many people as possible, both online and in real life, about this website to spread the joy and help us to benchmark our goals! Then the forums will return and this will be a grand place!

🗻 8/6/22 -- Galleries for June and July have been added. Again, featuring multiple sizes of each image for your convenience.

🗻 8/5/22 -- We are upscaling and resuming our partnership with ad publishers, such as Disney. Buy whatever you need through our partner links like Shop Disney, if you see what is fit for yourself to have, and it supports our cause of making an online gaming app. It really does help make the site possible.

🗻 8/2/22 -- Brutal downtime resolved by switching back to an Azure virtual machine instead of a dedicated server. The online gaming app and portal is nearly completed and will be cheaper than originally suggested at $5.00 per month, per account. Please check back daily. **Update: The site does use a strange amount of compute resources to import and serve articles, so we need a strong virtual machine on a strong cloud service like Azure instead of a decent dedicated server and this will make the upscale more simple once the online gaming app is live.**

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